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One-stop service

From PCB proofing to SMT, one-stop solution Reduce the cost of research and development Accelerate the product to market

Fast turnaround

Quick quotation, quick response

Accuracy order delivery

Fast delivery date

On time delivery rate of more than 95%

Superior quality

Complete inspection and testing for PCBA Including SPI. AOI. ICT FCT. X-RAY ROHS and aging.

Exclusive service

Exclusive one to one sales’ service 24 hours available for the customers

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Why Choose Saini Devices Pvt.Ltd?

  • PCBA OEM &ODM services
  • Components sourcing
  • Plastic and metal casing design&production services
  • PCBA assembly (SMT, DIP, MI, AI)+box build
  • PCBA testing (AOI testing, ICT testing, functional testing)
  • Burn-in testing
  • Turnkey assembly and final testing(including plastic, metal
    casing, PCBA motherboard,cables, switches and other com
    ponents, etc.)
  • Logistics arrangements, importing and exporting goods from China -Dust-Free workshop – Robust ISO quality guarantee such as ISO9001,ISO13485,1ATF 16949 (Medical product) and ROHS& UL certified
    One-stop service